Emptying ice molds and buying traditional bags of ice are a thing of the past when you upgrade and choose to purchase your very own ice maker. There’s nothing like enjoying an ice-cold beverage on a hot day, especially after the kind of year everyone had in 2020. Treat your family, friends, and yourself to a supreme summer experience with an ice machine, but where do you start? There are so many options and brands; how do I know I’m making the right choice? We’ve provided this simple buyer’s guide to kickstart you into enjoying your cold beverages sooner with buying tips and a list of the best brands and products for your needs.


What to know before buying an ice machine

There are two distinct styles of stand-alone ice makers you’ll want to be aware of; traditional and clear/gourmet. Just so you’re aware, when determining your perfect ice maker, you need to take a step back and understand what you want. For instance, in the case of an ice maker, if all you care about is quantity, a traditional ice maker will suffice. If quality is what you're after, you'll need a straightforward ice maker.

We’ll educate you on the bare basics of features, types, and more regarding ice makers, but it’s up to you to discern what is most important to produce that perfect cold beverage your craving.


Types of Icemakers

There are four types of ice makers that vary due to the location and convenience of their design. You’ll want to consider what type makes the most sense for conserving space within your kitchen, garage, patio, etc.

  1. Built-In Ice Makers / Undercounter Ice Machines: Generally 25 - 35" tall, 12 - 18" wide, and 23 - 25" deep, its design is constructed to fit flush with surrounding countertops and cabinets. Typically a larger collection bucket that holds 20-50 pounds of ice. This is the perfect option if you need a lot of ice and ice storage, the only drawback could be that it requires a water line, but what do expect from a machine that produces and stores such a large quantity of ice?
  2. Freestanding Ice Makers: Very similar to the size and features of the built in makers this type is designed to be stationed within any location. You will commonly see this ice maker type in a restaurant or in other commercial locations.
  3. Countertop and Portable Ice Makers: This is a fan favorite and more common option as it creates the perfect amount of ice, takes up very little space in comparison to the above counter types and enables ice where you please. Due to its portable nature you are not constricted to where you enjoy your cold beverages.
  4. Ice Maker Kits: If you’re looking for a price and space sensitive alternative this type is an added addition to any type of fridge, whether commercial or at home use.


Types of ice

In the commercial world, people have found that their services and food are about as good as their ice. People love a restaurant that has the small nugget ice opposed to large chunks. You can recreate the same drinking experience but you need to first know that type you prefer the most as there are seven different types:

  1. Cube Ice / Dice Ice: This is your overall best multi-purpose ice cube as it melts slow and cools your drinks quickly.
  2. Half Cube / Half Dice / Small Cube: Great for blended drinks and iced coffee this is your standard ice you’ll see with commercial ice machines or store bought ice cubes.
  3. Crescent Ice / Half Moon Ice: Melts slow and cools drinks moderately quickly (so slower than the first two options) this is a standard ice option for freezers found in the common American household.
  4. Clear Ice / Gourmet Ice / Top-Hat Ice: As the slowest melting option it also has its drawbacks of cooling drinks at a slower pace as well. This is a supreme option for sipping drinks like whiskey.
  5. Nugget Ice / Cubelet Ice: For those ice chewer’s out there this is the option for you as it melts far quicker than any other option but quickly cools drinks as well.
  6. Pearl Ice / Bullet-shaped Ice: As seen with most of the ice machines on our list this is a common ice for portable machines.
  7. Flake Ice: This is the perfect ice if you love to entertain as it is supreme for cooling and maintaining the temperature of perishables all while enjoying the comfort of a summer snow cone.


6 of the best ice maker machines on the market.

#1 Euhomy Portable Ice MakersEuhomy portable ice makers

Price: $119.99-$209.99

Design: Stainless steel

Warranty: 12 months

Environmentally Friendly: Yes

Enjoy the overall quality for the price. Euhomy is a trusted brand providing a guarantee of satisfaction. It provides all of the major benefits of others on this list but provides more quality and versatility for the price. With its technological design its eco-friendly as it helps you save water over time. Euhomy has customized sizes for all your events. Choose from 40 pound to 26 pound ice makers in a variety of different colors. The smart sensitive technology knows when its ice container is full and will stop production to prevent it from overflowing or melting. Euhomy has thought of all the common issues in portable ice makers and resolved them all so you can worry about what matters most.

#2 Euhomy Countertop Ice MakersEuhomy portable icemaker

Price: $119.99

Design: Stainless steel

Warranty: 12 months

Environmentally Friendly: Yes

The Euhomy countertop ice makers are all unique with their low noise and speedy luxury ice production. Within minutes you’ll see your chewable and delicious bullet ice ready for use. The 26 pound ice maker has the following benefits:

  • Removable ice bin
  • Simplified control panel for easy use
  • A full cup of ice in only 8 minutes
  • 2 liter of recycled water
  • Easy to clean
  • Low noise
  • Energy saving
  • Signature transparent window to easily see the ice making process.

See how the compact design and functional simplicity changes how you entertain.

#3 Edgestar Capacity Portable Ice Maker with 40 LbsEdgestar Capacity Portable Ice Maker

Price: $284.05

Design: Stainless steel

Warranty: 12 months for parts

Environmentally Friendly: N/A

Width: 11.3 inches

Product Depth: 14.75

Product Height: 14.87

The ideal ice maker for all parties and large festivities as it has the capability to produce 40 pounds of ice within just 24 hours. Understand that due to its portable design there is no drain and there may be some maintenance issues that you would not otherwise have with larger stationary machines.

#4 Danby 2 lb IcemakerDanby icemaker

Price: $109.99

Design: Stainless steel exterior and black lid with see through window

Warranty: 12 months

Width: 9.812 inches

Depth: 14  inches

Height: 12.⅞ inches


It may be one of the cheaper options on this list but it comes with a drawback of creating only 12 pounds of ice in 24 hours. It's very simple in design and gets the job done but lacks some of the state of the art features. If you’re not picky on the quality and type of ice and want an affordable portable ice maker, this may be the best option for you.

#5 Blemished Newair 50lbs. Portable Ice Maker Blemished Newair Portable Ice Maker

Price: $236.55

Design: Grey or red metal

Warranty: 1-3 years

Environmentally Friendly: N/A

The affordable price may come from the blemished aspect of this ice maker. Blemished is similar to the idea of refurbished for other forms of technology as it has been returned for exterior or other reasons but renewed to work for your personal needs. Regardless of this fact, it is still a great alternative to the more expensive ice maker types.

#6 Edgestar Capacity Portable Ice Maker Edgestar Capacity Portable Ice Maker

Price: $208.05

Design: Black metal or stainless steel

Warranty: 12 months for parts

Environmentally Friendly: N/A

Width: 11.68 inches

Product Depth: 14.44 inches

Product Height: 14.87 inches

This fully functional state of the art option produces various sizes of ice according to your wants and needs. Its small design makes it portable and perfect for any location. Just be aware that there is no door lock or child lock. If this is a concern for you, consider a different option on this list.



It's up to you to determine what type of ice maker you want to purchase, we’ve made it easier with a visual analysis of each.

top icemaker comparison

Whether you need something small and portable, or large and stable, Euhomy has the diverse collection  to fit all your ice making needs. As the ice maker with the higher production and storage capacity, why not choose the superior brand and ice maker, Euhomy Commercial IM-02?

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