The small household appliance made its appearance at the beginning of the 20th century in the United States. Originally, it was primarily intended to meet basic needs. But today, it is a multitude of increasingly sophisticated household appliances that are revolutionizing our daily lives.

The small appliance is now able to perform the most basic as well as the most complex tasks, thanks to state-of-the-art features. Discover in this article the essentials to have in your kitchen.

Equipping your kitchen with small appliances - The essentials

What small appliances for his kitchen?

Ice maker machine

The ice maker is an essential device so you never run out of ice cubes to slip into your glasses. Many models are available on the market: the most effective to produce ice and energy-saving versions.

The meat grinder

Manual or electric, the meat grinder allows you to make your own minced steaks, pasta, sausages, stuffings, and all kinds of meat preparations.

With a machine for mincing meat, you no longer need to go to the butcher’s shop for specific preparation. This is your opportunity to vary your meals by creating new meat recipes in just a few minutes.

Space-saving and easy to use, the meat grinder is a great appliance to have in your kitchen.

The pastry robot

For its part, the food processor takes up a little more space than a chopper but is very useful in saving time when preparing your desserts.

The peculiarity of the pastry robot is that it has a motorized arm to perform rotating movements for you. With this appliance, you will no longer need to hurt your arms to knead dough or whip creams.

The little extra: its massive design which makes it a vintage decorative item in your kitchen.

The blender

Cocktails, smoothies, soups… The blender is an absolutely essential multifunction accessory for obtaining different textures and varying the pleasures in the kitchen. Very easy to use, even kitchen novices can achieve optimal results effortlessly.

In addition, using a blender allows you to eat healthier by promoting a diet based on fruits and vegetables in different forms.

Eating fresh produce and cooking like a chef is possible using a blender!

The pressure cooker

A pressure cooker is a programmable multifunction cooking robot capable of performing a wide variety of cooking operations.

Mix, whip, knead, steam, brown, simmer, keep warm … The pressure cooker offers you a multitude of possibilities and above all, it saves you precious time.

You can start the meal very well while managing another task, the robot takes care of everything.

The electric fryer

Fries, donuts, fish or breaded vegetables… The electric fryer allows you to make all kinds of savory or sweet fried foods for the pleasure of the most gourmets.

The latest generation electric fryers operating with forced hot air, without oil. They are less fragrant while being more dietetic and more efficient.

If you fancy cooking homemade French fries that are crispy on the outside and tender on the inside, this is a must have appliance in your kitchen.

The plancha

Shrimps, prawns, onions, peppers… The plancha is essential for delicious grilled meats.

First of all, cooking on a plancha eliminates the use of fat. Unlike the barbecue, the plancha does not emit smoke or gas. So there is no risk of ending up with carcinogenic compounds on your plate.

In addition, you can use your plancha both indoors and outdoors.

Economical, ecological and good for your health, the plancha is a small appliance that will change your life.

The bread machine

By using a bread maker, you can make homemade bread which is both delicious and economical. Not only can you enjoy fresh bread every day, but you can make it according to your tastes and culinary desires.

The biggest advantage is that you now know what you put in your bread, unlike most industrial breads you buy in bakeries or supermarkets.

Maintenance of small household appliances

For the maintenance of small household appliances, white vinegar is a great ally. Indeed, whether it is for the pressure cooker, the board, or the fryer, it is perfect for degreasing. To do this, it must be mixed with very hot water.

For the blender, the meat grinder or the pastry processor, water and dishwashing liquid will suffice to clean them well.

Obviously, it is advisable to clean your small household appliance after each use.

In the end, equipping yourself with small appliances in your kitchen has many advantages: saving time, eating healthier, varying the pleasures… And above all, cooking like a professional in record time.


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