Wine has a way of making you relaxed. Throughout its history, wine brings people together. Drinking it with friends and family implies sharing, generosity, and friendship. That's the reason wine is rarely packed in single-serving bottles. On the other hand, it makes it difficult for a wine lover to enjoy a glass of daily wine ALONE.

In our previous post, Does Wine Go Bad, we explained how wine is made and how to tell if your wine has gone bad. You might also have wondered how long can wine last and maintain still its best aromas and flavors. Again, it depends on a wine's quality as well as the storage condition.

As a wine lover, nothing can stop you from enjoying a glass of this divine drink whenever you need one. How can we lock its best taste for as long as possible?

In this post, you will find helpful tips to start your journey of pursuit of wine. enjoying wine with friends and family

What allows wine to last?

Nothing lasts forever. Wine lasts a period of time thanks to certain preservatives in itself: sugar, acid, and tannin.

Wine must contain the right amount of these three essential preservatives to last.

  • Sugar: Take, as an example, the ancient Greeks extended their wine's shelf life with honey and olive oil. Honey here works as one of the preservatives-sugar, and olive oil added on the top of the alcohol prevents air from getting into the liquid.
  • Acid has the amazing potential to withstand time.
  • Tannin, extracted from the grapes' skins or stems, gives it a boost to extend the shelf life of a wine and age it well. It's the obvious entity in high-tannin wines, such as Bordeaux cabernet sauvignon.

Speaking of tannin, it is usually found in red wines but not in white wines (skins and stems will be removed before fermentation in the white wine making process).

How long does wine last at room temperature?

  • How long does unopened wine last at room temperature?

    As mentioned, a wine's shelf life varies depending on its quality, from the grape varieties to the winemaking process. The tannin in the alcohol plays a significant role in wine storage. The right amount acts well as a preservative to extend a wine’s shelf life.

    Generally speaking, an average wine can maintain its body most possible as long as it's unopened and stored in a proper storage environment. Good quality wines last even longer from years to decades.

    For a proper storage environment, we talk about the temperature consistency, keeping the bottle on its side, and no direct heat and sunlight.

    However, some fruity wines should be drunk fresh and young, not aged.

  • How long does opened wine last at room temperature?

    It's not suggested that you should leave a bottle of wine unfinished only unless you have to. Wine aging doesn't exist once a bottle is opened, even if it's an expensive one.

    The aromas and flavors of wine could be still there for a couple of days at room temperature, only if it's stored under a proper condition, as mentioned above. You should always try to avoid direct heat, sunlight, and humidity.

    However, temperature fluctuations can't be easily avoided throughout the year, especially in the summertime. In addition to temperature consistency, a general ideal temperature at 11 - 14 degrees Celsius (52 – 57 degrees Fahrenheit) is one of the critical factors to make sure your wine is still drinkable.

    Otherwise, wine can become sour and flat within one or two days.

How long does wine last in the wine fridge?

  • How long does unopened wine last in the wine cooler?

    Based on the three essential elements to a proper storage environment, a wine cooler refrigerator provides the ideal storage conditions:

    - Adjustable cooling temperature ranges to meet your multiple storage options (red, white, or sparkling wine).
    - Enable you to store your wine on its side.
    - Convenient to place your cooler to avoid direct sunlight.

    Generally, a wine fridge can extend its shelf life (best taste) from months to years. Good quality wine has the critical factors within itself to lock the wine body and structure.

  • How long does opened wine last in the wine cooler?

    Although it's still possible to keep the taste of an opened bottle, we can't have too much expectation from it.

    The moment you open it, the oxidization begins. Its aromas, flavors, and textures start to lose.

    There are many factors to consider to (at least) keep a wine drinkable once it's opened. Proper storage condition is one thing, and the characters of a wine itself matter as well.

    If you don't mind drinking an opened wine with less aromas, you can take it from your beverage cooler and pour yourself one or two glasses within a couple of day.

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Wine has the magic power of making you want to taste and explore it more. Starting from storing your wine properly, it will surprise you during your journey of the pursuit of wine.

For more information about wine storage, join our community and stay tuned!


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