In 2020, although pandemic slowed down our life, nothing can stop us from moving on. We got panic and anxious during the lockdown, doubted ourselves, and worried about our future for some reasons.

On the other hand, we started taking care more of ourselves, caring more about our family and friends, learning cooking, trying new recipes, creating short videos and sharing on social media.

Somehow, we realized we forgot to treat ourselves better even though we were sometimes in a bad situation. A cup of coffee, a bottle of beer, a glass of wine or whiskey on the rocks…whenever you really need one, just go for it.

At this special time, we don’t suggest big parties.

But if you got a chance to organize a small house party with family and close friends to welcome the brand-new year 2021 together, here are a few things you might be interested in:

  • Things to buy for New Year’s Eve
  • What types of ice do I need for different drinks?
  • How can I make different types of ice?
  • How much ice to prepare?
A House Party with ice and wine for New Year eve

    1. Things to Buy for New Year’s Eve

    First of all, let’s think about how we want to welcome 2021, just like how you want your upcoming new year to be in your life. Of course, the vibe matters a lot. A cozy or modern one, or any other options? You know yourself better than anyone, but here are a few tips for you to leverage your shopping experience:

    • Home decoration: Less is more. Just keep it as simple as possible. Let’s start with a bouquet to refresh ourselves in the living room. Decorate our kitchen with some hi-tech elements, like Smart Home Appliances, cookware, or a flexible compact fridge with freezer. Light up your garden (if you have one) with some solar LED lights to warm your dinner venue up. You may switch it to the party mode with the other types of solar lights within seconds.
    • A New Look in your closet: Colors reflect the frequency, energy, and vibration around us. A new look in a new color (you might think about the Pantone trend of 2021 in the fashion industry) would sparkle up your inspirations on something.
    • A new book for upgrading your skillsets: Knowledge brings you luck. It’s never too late to pick up new skills through a lifelong career.
    • A gift for our family or friends: Gratitude makes us happier. A small gift to show our appreciation. It doesn’t have to be an expensive one, but the moment they open the gift is memorable and priceless.
    • Groceries to Prepare for dinner: Let’s be thoughtful and grateful. Give them a chance to list down one or two dishes they feel like eating.
    • Beverages: Same as groceries. However, it’s wise to prepare a few types of drinks, such as wines, strong alcohols, cocktails, and non-alcoholics.
    • Snacks: Think about some snacks to pair wines and drinks, like cheese, nuts, or dried fruits.
    • Desserts: It’s optional if your family or friends are not a big fan of desserts.

    2. What Types of Ice Do I Need for Different Drinks?

    It’s not that complicated to come up with new ideas about drinks. However, drinks are something big for parties or events. Especially when it comes to food pairing, we need to understand the basics behind it, and then inspirations.


    You probably have learned that white wines or sparkling wines taste better served cold. A kitchen fridge is too cold to chill any wines as it will kill most of its aromas. A bucket of ice would help.

    wine and ice for party preparation

    Strong alcohols:

    Although sometimes you would go for a glass of cold neat whiskey to chill, it would be a better idea to have a whiskey “on the rock” with a large ice cube at a party.

    ice and wiskey for a wonderful night and party


    You’re going to make yourself busy being as a real bartender for the whole evening if you are planning to serve a few types of cocktails. It’s better to focus on 3 or 4 alcohol bases, like whiskey, vodka, gin, tequila, and wine if you fancy a Sangria.

    In that case, you will need different sizes of cubic ice to enhance the aroma of alcohols with the garnishes.


    it can be a bit complex when it comes to soft drinks. A list of top 10 non-alcoholic beverages would inspire you.

    cocktails with ice in afternoon tea or party

    3. How Can I Make Different Types of Ice?

    Making ice might seem simple, while ice is one of the ingredients for a drink. The shape, size, and when to put it will affect the drinks.

    There’re a few different ways to make ice. You can make it from the general household fridge in the freezer. You can make ice cubes in a standard ice tray, but it takes 3 to 4 hours to freeze.

    You can also make a large block of ice and cut it into the sizes you need. However, in that case, our guests have to wait for another few hours for just a drink with ice. And it’s a lot of work to cut the ice.

    To make your evening easier, a portable built-in household ice maker or a small freestanding ice maker is highly recommended.

    You don’t have to build it on the wall if you have enough space for it. At least you can be sure you have all types of ice for guests in 12-18 minutes.

    4. How Much Ice to Prepare?

    Just in case you missed out our most recent article about ice calculation and preparation, we are going to narrow down the topic here with more details.

    Let’s say we have around 20 people coming for dinner and party, we will need to prepare ice for both cooling the wines and other drinks.

    Ice for cooling wines: 1 big ice bucket for 2 to 3 wines. It depends on how much and how fast you will drink. The safest option could be 3 to 4 buckets.

    Ice for strong alcohols: In case all guests will enjoy 1, and 50% of them will ask for 1 or 2 more, then we should prepare: 1 for all guests, and 2 more for 50% of the guests, and 1 more for backup.

    Cocktails & Non-alcoholics: Cubic ices impress you a lot in cocktails, even the sizes and volume will affect the tastes. And the “formula” above works pretty the same as for Cocktails and Non-alcoholics.

    beverage and ice as alcoholic or nonalcoholic lifestyle

    Now, all is set! Organizing a party can be fun if we have the necessary tools to help us with some essential ingredients for drinks, such as proper ice!

    For more inspirations to throw a party, join our community and stay tuned.


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