Since there are many shapes of ice cubes, finding your way around is sometimes difficult. This is why we explain to you which forms of ice cubes exist and which are suitable for your needs.

Ice cubes are mainly used to cool drinks, but that's not all! Ice cubes are also used to preserve and present products. The machines intended for ice cubes' production concern various sectors such as bars, hotels, restaurants, fishmongers, and hospitals. We offer you some ice makers capable of producing high-performance ice cream for professionals.

drinks with ice cubes by ice maker

The ice trade dates back to the 19th century and consisted of collecting natural blocks of ice and then selling them. Ice was harvested in cold countries and then transported by ship or train around the world. It is a business that revolutionized the food industry and evolved with the artificial production of ice. Ice makers can now produce different shapes of ice cubes:

Classic cubic ice cubes

This cube shape is a classic one that can be found in all glasses. This form will be suitable for refreshing drinks from all sectors: caterers, event organizers, cafes, restaurants, nightclubs, sports clubs, campsites, hotels … These ice cubes are also suitable for catering.

The cubic ice cube is suitable for all shapes and sizes of glasses. Its six sides allow you to melt gently while quickly cooling a drink. There are then several sizes of cubic ice cubes.

Half-moon ice cubes

Ideal for cooling your drinks injected under pressure and packaged in a cup. They are also suitable for transporting fish and presentation tables. The half-moon shape avoids the formation of clumps because they do not stick together. So you won’t have any difficulty separating the ice cubes and they can be stored easily. Thus, this shape of the ice cube corresponds to the places where the sale takes place quickly.

In addition, half-moon ice cubes make it easier to insert bottles into champagne buckets and limit the emulsion of sodas. This type of ice cubes is totally suitable for bars, fast food restaurants, nightclubs, and the medical and industrial sectors.

Full cylindrical ice cubes

Being very compact, the frustoconical ice cube (shaped like a thimble) melts slowly. The ice cubes will not melt until the drink is finished, much to the delight of customers. It can be used in multiple ways and will suit all catering professionals concerned with offering cold drinks to their customers.

Indeed, cafes, hotels, restaurants, bars, night clubs, fast food restaurants or snacks can use this type of full ice cubes. The medium size is the most used and it can be used to refresh aperitifs, sodas, iced teas, cocktails etc…

wine with ice cubes

Cylindrical ice cubes

The cylindrical ice cubes in the shape of fingers have a cavity where the drink can slip inside. It is a very easy ice cube to crush using a blender for cocktails or smoothies.

It is also an ice cube that will melt quite quickly because it has a larger heat exchange surface than a full cube. The drink will quickly be very cold but slightly more diluted. These hollow ice cubes are therefore more suitable for concentrated drinks.

Pyramidal ice cubes

Rectangular truncated pyramidal ice cubes quickly transfer cold to liquids. Their use is suitable for all drinks intended to be cold.

The characteristics of this form of ice cubes are the same as the cubic ice cubes. The only difference is aesthetic. You can form your pyramidal ice cubes yourself by cutting cubic ice cubes.

Chunk ice cream

Chunk ice cream is natural and versatile. Being manufactured at a temperature of around -0.5 ° C, it does not clump and remains easy to store or handle. Sometimes called nugget ice cream, chip ice is useful in many industries.

This form of ice is not only suitable for drinks: it is ideal for the presentation of products on stalls but also for the chemical and pharmaceutical industry. It is a form particularly suitable for restaurants, fishmongers, large and medium-sized surfaces, the medical environment and industry. These types of ice are made by Euhomy ice maker machines.

Super grain ice cream

Also called “crushed ice” or “crushed ice”, super grain ice represents ice cubes in very fine pieces. This shape is drier than chip ice and has a more defined shape. It therefore melts more slowly than traditional chip ice cream.

Professionals use crushed ice mainly to make cocktails because the ingredients mix better in the shaker. This ice can also be used in spas and medical centers.

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Flake ice

Flake ice is dry and very cold ice (approximately -7°C). It comes in thin, hard pieces that can be sharp. Ideal for transporting and storing foods such as seafood or meat, it also has many industrial applications. Otherwise called flake ice cream, it can be used by caterers, butchers, fishmongers, the medical environment and industry.

Display your food on a bed of ice at a reception, party, cocktail party, wedding or anniversary and chill your bottles. Caterers will also appreciate this type of ice cream.


Ideal for your cocktails, iceballs are sure to please your customers. Showcase your drinks with round ice cubes. An original look in addition to guaranteed freshness: these iceballs will wreak havoc.

These spheres of about 4 cm in diameter allow a slow fusion with the liquid. Very trendy, they are suitable for bars, cafes, hotels, restaurants and nightclubs.


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