Parties are the “necessities” in our daily life, from private parties at home to business events and activities. It’s more than just an event for people to chill and relax on all occasions.

To attend a party, especially some formal parties for socializing and networking purposes, people might need to do a lot of homework and prepare a few weeks before that. You might have questions like how to dress up appropriately, what accessories to carry, what types of makeup to wear, and so on.

Actually, the party organizers won’t feel less stressed than the attendees at all. They will need to worry much more to organize and host a good party with a limited budget and time. For example, where should I pick the party venue? Who’s on the invitation list? What’s on the menu? How much food should I prepare? What about the drinks? That doesn’t sound like an easy job to most of us, especially those who don’t have enough experience in party and event organizing.

Regarding drinks, there’s so much we need to pay attention to as a party is all about good drinks! People are not going to eat the whole evening, but they will drink until the party is over. To make good beverages to serve all types of attendees, strong alcohol lovers, fruity cocktails fans, or non-alcoholics, different types of ice would be needed. I believe you are going to ask: how can I make all these types of ice to serve all kinds of guests?

ice for drinks, beverages

To relieve your stress, let’s break down this question into details:

1.How much ice do I need?

First of all, let’s get back to our question list: who is on the invitation list? And how many guests are attending the party?

Now, let’s do a basic calculation:

if there’s a fixed number on the beverage menu, like 2 or 3 drinks per guest, and in case 50% of the guests will ask for 1 or 2 more drinks, then we should prepare 2 more and 1 extra for back up.

And one thing most of the people would easily forget is that some guests would ask for water with ice. Therefore, the safest solution would be the same ice for drinks + extra ice for extra drinks and water.

For those who don’t have an exact guest list or menu, it’s a bit difficult to be well-prepared, but there’s still a chance to do a good job on the calculation and preparation. Also, you should put it into consideration - season. When hosting a party during summertime, you should be aware of 1/3 of your ice to melt before the party is over.

The universal theory that everyone should know is to always be well-prepared: more is better than less.

2.How long does it take to make proper party ice?

After the ice calculation, now it’s time to find out how long it takes to prepare the ice, as we don’t want to serve our guests the beverages with the melting ice to affect the most important part of the party – drinks!

When talking about the ice, we are talking about the proper ice, and the right one, for different types of beverages. Again, we need to get back to our question list: what’s on the menu? what kinds of drinks are you thinking to offer? For sure, there’s another thing that you don’t want to miss - ice calculation!

Now, you already got the formula of how much ice to make and how long you need to put into consideration to make proper ice for the first, the second, the third round…of your beverages.

You are good to go!

3.What do I need to make party ice?

Obviously, an ice maker is definitely what you need, unless you want to cause yourself in trouble with the low-quality party ice bag or serving guests with the melting bad-looking ice at your party. Even though you don’t mind the low-quality ice, you will need to find a freezer to store the ice properly. In that case, it’s going to be a headache if you are planning to offer a few types of drinks, like strong alcohols, cocktails, or mocktails. That means you are going to need to make different sizes of cube ice. Still, you need an ice maker!

4.What size of ice maker do I need?

Having fixed the ice calculation and equipment that you will need, the size of the ice maker is what you probably are going ask. To answer this question, we will again need to go back to the question list given above. And one more question: how often would you organize this type of parties, and what size are they?

To relieve your headache and meet all types of your demands, here’s a list of portable ice makers for home use and parties that you can choose from.

5.Where to buy the right ice maker?

Usually, shopping makes us excited to most people. However, it’s not that fun when it comes to home appliance selecting. For instance, you might need to spend some time doing some research to figure out what you really need for a long term, most importantly, comparing the items to find the best option, with the best quality and the most reasonable price.

A 40 lbs portable compact ice maker that can produce 24 ice cubes per cycle (every 12 to 18 minutes) would be a good fit initially. That is to say, you can make up to 40 pounds of ice cubes every 24 hours. What’s more, it allows you to adjust the thickness of the ice cubes according to your needs to make the drinks reach their limits.

drinks with ice

For sure, in addition to ice calculation and preparation, there’s still a lot to learn to organize a good party. Nevertheless, having solved the drinks’ part, it should be much easier for you now to manage all sizes and types of parties and events for all occasions.

For more inspiration about ice making and parties, stay tuned.


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