Design your kitchen: where to place the oven, hob, fridge, and icemaker?

While there is no shortage of ideas when choosing the colors or style of your new kitchen if new moving in, choosing your plan and the placement of the different small home appliances in the kitchen is already more difficult.

For a kitchen that is comfortable to use, it is indeed wise to ask the right questions beforehand and to plan the place where you will install the various household appliances. Refrigerator, oven, hob, extractor, dishwasher, ice maker … and other small home appliances essentials if you want a full list, we reveal the golden rules and the advice of cooking professionals to design a practical and functional kitchen on a daily basis.

The Golden Rules of a good kitchen plan: The Activity Triangle

There are 3 main activity areas in the kitchen:

  • The food storage area (with the fridge-freezer)
  • The food preparation and cooking area (with small appliances in a place like a hob and hood, oven and microwave)
  • The cleaning area (with the sink and the dishwasher)

It is between these 3 areas that most of your travels in the kitchen will take place, so even if you are planning a large kitchen, make these 3 activity stations as close as possible and arranged in a triangle. , so as to be able to go from one workstation to another in 3 steps maximum and this whatever the configuration of the kitchen.

There are 4 main types of kitchen plans, here’s how to optimize them:

Brown Colour I-Shaped Kitchen Cabinet with Island.

3. U-shaped Kitchen Plan

4. Grand Island Kitchen Plan

From the sink to the hob

The ideal is to provide a large worktop space between the sink and the hobs (at least 60 cm). So that you can simply prepare the vegetables that have been cleaned in the sink before cooking them on the plaque (without spilling water on the ground for example).
In any case, allow 30 cm of space on each side of the hob so that you are not in the way of the tails of the pots, and you can keep your utensils and ingredients close at hand.

Ustensiles and vegetables at hands

Above the hob, the extractor hood will of course be positioned to collect the odors and fumes caused by the cooking. For full efficiency, the hood should generally be positioned between 65 cm and 70 cm above the hob. But always refer to the instructions for your hood for more details.

The oven: comfort and safety

Installing your oven at height allows you to gain ergonomics because you will use it without bending down and monitor the progress of cooking more easily by having them at eye level.

It is also preferable, when you have children, to place the oven at a height so that it is not accessible to their adventurous little fingers, read all home appliances safety tips here. If you can’t put it in a high column, then choose at least an oven with a cold door and a “child lock” feature that locks the door and the control buttons to prevent accidents.

oven at height provide security

The fridge away from the heat

When it is freestanding, the fridge is often installed at one end of the kitchen so as not to interrupt the harmony of the fronts of the furniture and to facilitate the opening of the doors which may sometimes require clearance.

If the refrigerator is built-in, on the other hand, you are free to place it wherever you want since it has the same front as the furniture. But built-in refrigerators are often smaller than freestanding ones. So they can fit into the column that accommodates them. Euhomy specializes in compact mini fridges than will save a lot of space in your kitchen, you may check all out.

To keep your fridge working properly and to avoid unnecessary overconsumption of energy, install the fridge-freezer well away from heat sources. Thus, do not place it in the sun behind a window, and provide a minimum space with the oven and the hob to prevent their opposite temperatures from getting in the way.


From dirty to clean

To facilitate the removal and cleaning of dishes, plan to group the trash can, sink and dishwasher in the same area.

And ideally, we will place the storage cupboard for plates, glasses, and cutlery, near the dishwasher to easily store them once washed, limiting movement.


Exploit angles and corners with small household appliances

Angles are always a source of questions in a kitchen plan. How to optimize them so as not to waste space? We will avoid placing a plate or a sink in it, but on the other hand, it is perfect for a small appliance: pastry robot, blender, or juice extractor …

small appliances on the table


How to set up a small kitchen: solutions to save space

Aware that the size of kitchens was inversely proportional to the increase in the price of m² on the real estate market, manufacturers of household appliances have developed wide ranges of space-saving products. So that everyone can benefit from the equipment and the necessary comfort even in a small kitchen.

Thus, we can save space at several levels:


Mini fridges with a small footprint

For a studio or a 2-room apartment, there are small refrigerators whose width is less than 55 cm. There is also a wide choice of mini table top fridge which are designed to slip under a worktop and exist with or without a freezer compartment. We have listed compact and space saving list of upright freezers that you can compare and purchase.


Mini dishwashers to no longer wash your dishes by hand

If you can’t do without a fridge, the dishwasher is often the device you sacrifice when you run out of space in your kitchen. However, today there are solutions that allow a small, high-performance dishwasher to slide in a width of only 45 cm.


Compact ovens 45 cm high

Practical, you benefit from a real oven but in a reduced height!

Combination microwave ovens that offer 2 appliances in 1
Both oven and microwave, these combined devices are very compact and save a lot of space.


Mini 2-burner hobs

Mini tables called dominoes are allies of small kitchens because with their 2 cooking zones (which can be electric, gas, or induction) they are already sufficient for a lot of cooks, and this saves precious space in terms of work to prepare food: cut, peel, mix.

Most manufacturers offer free online simulations to make your kitchen plan, like Cuisinella, Leroy Merlin, or Ikea, so don’t hesitate to get started!

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