Euhomy Mini fridge for bedroom, 4 L / 6 cans Portable fridge & Electric Cooler and Warmer

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Euhomy Mini fridge for bedroom, 4 L / 6 cans Portable fridge & Electric Cooler and Warmer


  • COMPACT & PORTABLE-Lightweight and compact 4L mini fridge are the current trend, but have you also worried about insufficient capacity? Euhomy added internal partitions and side baskets to the mini portable fridge to maximize storage space..
  • COOLER&WARMER -For users with different needs, we have designed two modes for the portable refrigerator - cooling and heating. The temperature can be adjusted as low as 32°F and as high as 149°F,and quickly heated from cold in five minutes. 
  • HOME FOR SKIN CARE AND COSMETICS -Skincare fridge is a portable container for skin care and cosmetics. If females own this mini fridge for skin care, they will no longer need to worry about skin care and cosmetics spoiling under high temperature conditions. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 38 reviews
Michael Vilanova
Small, but simple and works!

This product is quick and easy to setup. It does cool fairly well, however, just be aware the size is very small! So you will only be fitting very few things in here! But it works great for makeup or small drinks and whatnot.I also feel confident in the company as they have helped me before with any issues I had and I imagine if any issues arise with the fridge they would attempt to help at least.

Mercedes Diaz
I love mini fridge

I ordered amazon and good information and time that is better

It fits everywhere

I like everything about it

Does not cool enough.

It looks fine but it does not cool a lot so items will not be cold, just cool

Robert Boyne
Very convenient

Iight and potable

A Customer

Cheerleader camp and my granddaughter bedroom

Edrik Bandez
Great for the office

My favorite thing about this fridge is how compact it is. My least favorite thing about this fridge is ironically also how compact it is. It's perfect for keeping it in my office and putting exactly two cokes in the top little shelf, but finding a lunch container small enough to fit in the bottom shelf while also big enough to hold an adult sized lunch was hard. Ultimately I found some perfectly sized containers at my local dollar store and this fridge makes it super easy to come into work, put my food in the fridge and get straight to work without having to walk all the way across the office to the kitchen. Yes I'm lazy, but this fridge is perfect for keeping me comfortable.

A Customer
Affordable, compact fridge for skincare

This fridge is actually a heater and a cooler all in one. I love the color, the size and the option to keep my items cold or hot. It holds my skincare and keeps it at a consistent temperature. It's the best investment i'e ever made into a piece of machinery.

Perfect for small spaces

So I needed something compact for when I'm working in my office. I usually get migraines while working due to my chronic migraines, and having a gel face mask and face mist in the fridge can help take the edge off it and helps my face swelling from the pain from it. This is the perfect size. I can have a couple cans of drinks in the bottom, the top I can have some snacks and the door I keep beauty products in it to help if I'm having a flare up at work. This is deff a must have for working.

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