Euhomy Electric Fireplace Heater 23" Black

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Euhomy Electric Fireplace Heater 23" Black

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  • Electric Fireplace Heater with Realistic Flame Effect with Overheating Safety Protection.
  • Enjoy the wonderful experience and warmth brought by the realistic flame and log effect of this heater by yourself or with friends, co-workers, loved ones, or with your family in your bedroom, study, living room, or anywhere!
  • Safety in Mind: The electric fireplace heater automatically shuts the heater off if the internal temperature gets too hot.
EUHOMY Electric Fireplace with Remote Control
1400W 23'' Fireplace Stove Heater
Realistic Flame Effect with 3D Logs Looking dancing flames and burning logs Option to turn flames and burning logs only without heating.
Quick and Easy Installation Install the four-foot brackets to the bottom of the product
Low Noise and Safety Protection Automatic overheat shutoff function Low noise functioning
How To Use?

Plug-in electricity


Warm the room


Control the temperature you want

Living Room
Reading Room
Product Details

Our 23" electric fireplace stove can provide heat while you are reading, talking or watching television. Because this fireplace is small and light, it is perfect for indoor use, enhancing your decor. It is also very easy to move.

  • Temperature Adjustment & Flame Separation: With a Euhomy electric fireplace, you can easily adjust the temperature by simply using the remote control. You can also choose to enjoy the flames with or without heating, and use the fireplace as a good decoration when it is not heating.
  • Realistic Flame Effect & Logs: The flame’s effect of the 23" fireplace heater is not only very beautiful, but also allows you to avoid the dangers of real flames. You can enjoy the wonderful experience and warmth brought by the realistic flame and log effect of this heater by yourself or with friends, co-workers, loved one or with your family in your bedroom, study, living room or anywhere!
  • Overheating Protection Safety Function: To ensure your safety, EUHOMY fireplace heater has overheating protection safety functions. If the temperature of the electric fireplace heater is too high or the heater, it will automatically shut off.
  • Timer function & Remote Control: The indoor fireplace heater has a timer, so you can set to run for up to 6 hours at a time. It is equipped with a remote control, so you can control all of the functions of the electric fireplace itself without having to get up.
  • Easy to Install & Customer Service: Installing a Euhomy electric fireplace is very easy and fast. If you have any problems, please do not hesitate to contact our customer service team, we are happy to answer for you.
Dimension(W*D*H) 20"*11"23" 
Product Weight 7.64 lbs.
Rated Power 1400W
Frenquency 60Hz
Color Black
Installation Type Freestanding
Easy and fast installation
Small and light flame
Suitable for In-door use
Unique glass design for fireplace stove 
Adjustable timer 30 mins to 6 hours 
CSA Certified 
Thermostat & 2-swith easy control
Bedroom Useful for heating or for decoration
Living Room Adjust the temperature by simply turning a knob
Balcony Avoids the danger posed by the real flame

Customer Reviews

Based on 35 reviews
Love it

Love it the fire place looks great.

He makes a great gift or go for small houses

The remote control is small but it’s very warm in the width and thickness of it is great

Great buy!

Great fireplace...looks fantastic and very good heat!

Beautiful light effect, warms a large room

Your browser does not support HTML5 video.  This electric heater fireplace is very warm. It has strong blower fan that is still relatively quiet and heats a good size room without trouble.I like the lighted fire effect and the whole unit is cool to the touch. The heater is underneath the box and is still touchable after being on.The remote control is easy to use and convenient. The heater has timer functions to set for 30min, 1,2,3+ options.The heater automatically turns on and off as it monitors the ambient temperature.I have a toddler and I feel very safe having this heater around.The leg assembly was easy and the fireplace feels very stable.Overall, it’s a classy way to add heat to a room. The fan is still quiet enough to have in a living room with guests or entertainment.

Looks Great, Not So Warm

This looks great-- both the heater and flames. Decided to re-write my previous review-- Once you figure out the controls it is a nice heater.

Nice little heater.

Nice little stove for the money. Pretty adjustable flame and the heater gets nice and toasty. Great heater. I would definitely recommend.

Great buy.

Very quiet and compact while still providing plenty of warmth.

Euhomy provides good customer service after the sale

Looks great and provides heat

Realistic flames, how well it heats & remote control

We really like our fireplace heater. The flames are attractive and it heats the room very well. The remote worked on the flames and the next time I tried the remote it did not work but, it may be the battery. I will get a new battery after Christmas and try again. If it is the battery...the rating will go from 4 stars to 5!

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