EUHOMY 14,000 BTU Quiet Portable Air Conditioner Dehumidifier, Portable Ac Unit With Remote Control

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EUHOMY 14,000 BTU Quiet Portable Air Conditioner Dehumidifier, Portable Ac Unit With Remote Control


Swing Function & Mute: Portable air conditioner can oscillate or remain at your preferred angle. By using the swing function, the room can cool down faster and more evenly. 

Self-Evaporation System: Room air conditioner has a water tank and a self-evaporation system. Self-evaporation is an important feature as it can effectively reduce drainage operation. 

Remote Control & Portability: Indoor air conditioner has an easy-to-read LED display so your environment can be cooled and dehumidified according to the set temperature and humidity.

Customer Reviews

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Marguerite Poupakis
Works great! I would recommend it.

Works great! I recommend it.

Haven't used it a lot, but is cold and blows pretty good.

Haven't used it a lot, but is cold and blows pretty good.

It gets the job done at a good price ($435) and saves energy

I got 2 different 14000btu ac, this one and another one. One for my room and one for my homeoffice. My home hoffice is 450sqf and my room is like 250sqf. The one at my office cool down the office even if is a sunny day, but this one takes a lot of time to cool down my room to a point that i dont think is even close to 14000btu. I dont want to return something so big too much hassle.EDIT: After a few days of using it, I changed my mind, it cools as much as my other, it just does it differently, since this one blows the air upwards first, you feel the effect later than with the others that might point at you, but eventually, it will cool down, and if placed in the correct position, as close of the window as possible, it makes a huge difference.So my tips are:- Get it close to the window so the hot air does not travel for long releasing he heat again in the room, the sooner that hot air leaves the better.- Since the fan points up you will have to wait a bit to feel the room temperature to go down, so give it some time.- If you are in the other side of the room, consider going lower in temperature, for instance if you want 76F and you are in the other side of the room, you may want to place it at 74F, since it is always cooler the closer you are to the AC, and the thermostat is inside the unit.I had a bad review at first, but I dont regret my purchase after understanding a bit better how it works.Also why do I say it saves energy? I no longer need to turn on the central unit ac to cool down one room. I went from consuming ~4.5kw for cooling to only ~1.5kw which means it will pay it self off in a few months.

Tony Valenti
fan control

i cannot seem to be able to change the fan speed on it no matter what function its in can someone please tell me if its a defect in the controls

ralph carter
Nice way to cool down !!!

this portable air conditioner does a nice job cooling down my 400 sq ft apartment , it is fairly quiet ,and setting it up was easy . It really blows a lot of clean cold air out . So far i am very well satisfied with this purchase !!!

S. M. Vennema
Quiet and surprisingly strong

If you need to cool a ,large space quickly, you may want to add a fan to spread the effect faster, but really, I turn it on half an hour before i come out and the temperature in the common area of my apartment is perfect.It is also doing a great job filtering pollen and smoke particles. The difference in air quality and thus my allergies is day and night.

Great for maintaining air quality

level) and this helps circulate the conditioned air. Important to know - leave it running 24/7 at desired temp. If room and all it's contents become heated; naturally it will take more time and effort to cool it all down. Don't expect this unit to turn tropical atmosphere in to a mild climate immediately... it may take up to 24hrs in extreme circumstances. It effectively maintains and is perfect for our needs.Vent to the outside, insulate the exhaust hose and keep the filters (3) clean and this may last a while.Happy and more importantly, the wife is comfortable. ;)

Paola Olivero
A good a AC

The AC is really good, but the part where the water comes out is really annoying, the plastic tube that you put there keeps coming out, and if you don't put it on a higher surface the water will get stuck and the tube will possibly fall out leaving water all over your floor. If they fix that id give 5 stars.

Pat Hoffheiser
Excellent service, and excellent product.

This product was worth the wait. Delivery due to COVID is slow. The product exceeds expectations. Very quiet and very cool.

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