Euhomy Skincare Mini fridge 20L Black

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Euhomy Skincare Mini fridge 20L Black

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  • LCD TOUCH PANEL & LARGE CAPACITY-(20 Liter)The exterior of the mini refrigerator is designed with a mirror surface. 
  • The temperature can be adjusted as low as 16°F and as high as 149°F. The dual-mode system allows you not only to cook food, but also to heat or keep warm. Semiconductor technology - 100% environmentally friendly and harmless to you and your family.
  • Perfume/mask/lipstick/face cream is kept in the best condition all the time. The skincare fridge will be a portable container for skincare and cosmetics, a gift that every female is looking forward to.
  • ULTRA-QUIET - Euhomy team has passed an accurate decibel test, and the noise of the smallest mini fridge is kept between 28-48db. 

One thermoelectric cooler & warmer brings you two temperature experiences, allowing you to store skin care products and keep food warm.

Removable Partition Movable partitions allow us to arrange items by category, so that we can quickly find what we need. At the same time, it can reasonably plan the zoning of items to maximize the use of space. Reduce space odor, keep our refrigerator clean, tidy and fresh.
Right Shelf The shelf on the right maximizes the storage space, so you don't have to worry about the capacity of the mini refrigerator. You can put smaller items on it, such as lipsticks, facial masks, etc.
Side Handle The clever handle design makes it easy for us to lift or move the refrigerator, which greatly reduces the burden of lifting heavy objects on our body, because this design reduces the degree of tilt of our body.

Protect Cosmetics from Deterioration


Keep fresh your food on the Go


Refresh any time with drinks


Enrich Office Life with small space

Car Fridge
Product Details

Keep cosmetics and food for outdoor life from deterioration, Energy Saving Way to Keep Cosmetics.

  • EUHOMY PRODUCT DESIGN CONCEPT - (10 Liter) Lightweight and compact machines are the current trend, but have you also worried about insufficient capacity? Euhomy designed a small handle on the top of the tiny mini fridge, so that you can lift mini refrigerator with only one hand.
  • COOLER AND WARMER - Euhomy Mini fridge for bedroom use brand new semiconductor technology, which is different from old fridges. And for users with different needs, we have designed two modes for the portable refrigerator - cooling and heating.
  • CONTAINERS FOR SKIN CARE AND COSMETICS - We believe skin care fridge will be a good partner for female. If they own this mini fridge for skin care, they will no longer need to worry about skin care and cosmetics spoiling under high temperature conditions. Perfume / mask / lipstick / face cream is kept in the best condition all the time. Skincare fridge will be a portable container for skin care and cosmetics, a gift that every female is looking forward to.
  • ULTRA-QUIET - Euhomy team have passed an accurate decibel test, and the noise of the smallest mini fridge is kept between 28-48db. Our original intention was to let babies, adults, and the elderly all enjoy it. Small fridge for room is made of ABS material. Compared with ordinary materials, ABS material can make the surface of the product shinier, the performance is more stable, and increase the service life of the product.
  • HOME AND CAR (AC/DC) - Car fridge has two power modes, which fully meets people's needs in different scenarios. You can connect the personal refrigerator to a 120-240V home power supply, or you can connect to a 12-24V car power supply. Thermoelectric cooler suitable for home / dorm / bedroom / office / kitchen / RV / outdoor / camping. Believe Euhomy can appear in every corner of your life.
Item Weight 16.85 pounds
Product Dimensions 19 x 16.5 x 14.25 inches
Capacity 20 Liters
Installation Type Under-Counter
Part Number MF-20
Form Factor Mini Fridges
Color Black
Batteries Required? No

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Portable Mini Fridge

We wanted a small refrigerator to put up in our bedroom because of the time it takes to walk 2 flights down to our kitchen. We order this Euhomy Mini fridge because we liked the features advertised and because we felt the size is perfect for our needs. This fridge is 20 Liter in size and is perfect for water bottles and soda cans. The controls for on/off, temperature and temperature display are located on the front top of the door. Setting the temperature is very simple and it's easy to read the status of the fridge. If need be you can also use this fridge to keep things warm as well. We don't need it for this but it's good that this feature is built into it. I guess that's because of the fact that it can be powered with 12V-24V in your car or truck. The fridge is portable enough to take along on a trip and power up in your car, truck or SUV. The cable is included so there's no need for a special order optional part like a lot of other manufacturers. It's nice that everything you need is included. Being that we're only using it in the bedroom for now the last feature is really important. The unit runs at a very quiet volume. You can select settings for the compressor that'll allow it to run ultra quiet. In fact while it's running it's barely noticeable.That's probably the best feature as my wife is an extremely light sleeper and wakes at the slightest noise. So overall this was a great purchase and if you just need to store drinks then why buy a huge mini fridge. This is the perfect size with great features.

This fridge is great!

I love the sleek modern look. My favorite feature is you can see the temperature on the outside so I always know what’s inside is okay. You can also adjust the temperature manually the way you would set a thermostat. Most refrigerators just have a dial from cool to freezing with about five options. I love getting to set this at the exact temperature I need. Also, it stores a lot for a small refrigerator and you can take the shelves out for taller items. The nice thing is it comes with a car charger so I can bring it back and forth to work when I need to. It also has indents on the side to make it easier to carry. As a pumping mom, I know my milk will be safe in this!After playing with the temperature you can set it as low as 16° Fahrenheit but the lowest it actually goes is 30° Fahrenheit (water freezes at 32° Fahrenheit).

Perfect Unit for Pump feeding supplies and snacks!

We purchased this unit for our son who uses a feeding pump at night. This unit has plenty of space available not only for the 1200 ML bag and tubing, but also for juice pouches, soda cans, and enough snacks to last a weekend of gaming. Currently we are using the wall outlet for power but look forward to the days after vaccines and no more virus to travel and use in our wheelchair van or hotels. We always bring our own coolers when travelling since we can not tell if a hotel room fridge is germ free or has been sanitized to our standards. With this mini fridge and warmer we have control on the safety of our items and can power this using the 12 volt adapter. The small indented handles on the sides make it easy to carry this lightweight unit to and from the car back to the bedroom at home. The icons and colors let us know when the unit is in Cooling or Heating mode.This is the first time we had both options and will someday use it to keep takeout food warm since we live 15-30 minutes from several restaurants and fast food drive thru windows.

Very stylish and compact!

I love the mini fridge. It's very compact and able to store my skincare products and my drinks. It was a very easy set up and it does not take up much room. I love how it kept all items cold. It is very compact but you can still put a lot of items on it. The mini fridge has a nice quality, and has a stylish clean look with LCD control panel. The good part is that you can also use it at your car, it has AC/DC outlet. Definitely a good investment!

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